Is Social Media Blurring The Lines Of Business?

The way we relate in professional relationships has shifted.Social media has integrated itself into the way people interact on every level on a day to day basis. So much so that deciphering where your real flesh and blood self begin and your range of online avatars end has become practically impossible. While it has proved to be useful in a variety of ways, this seamless merging of how we interact with friends, romantic partners, acquaintances and business associates has can become a dangerous and undefined area.5 Dangers of Boundless Social Media Relations for BusinessThe whole point a business would use social platforms is to build relationships and network with people who probably wouldn’t have been an option before due to time and space restrictions. This all changed when social media came along and opened up the markets whilst simultaneously blurring the lines of professional etiquette along the way.Losing your reputation
Social platforms are brilliant for marketing your business. However, think about the psychology that goes behind the concept of a social network. It is precisely a social platform. This conducts the language you use with your client, how you approach potential consumers and how your online persona represents you. First of all, it is to your benefit to adopt a less formal way of speaking to consumers on social networks because the whole point is to engage and essentially gain their trust. However, walking the fine line of social media appropriate behaviour and remembering that you’re still doing business here is a tough call. Rapid connections that happen on social media mean that you can easily feel overly intimate with these people and lose that client/brand respect model you need to keep your reputation. Offending somebody, invading their personal space or overstepping the relevant areas to the service you provide are all easily made mistakes and put your brand on the line.
Devalued Communication
Think of it as going to a massive party. People mingle, drift away and interrupt each other’s conversations the second anything happens which is all the time. Social media is all about real time information and users are bombarded with a constant flow on their timelines. This means that social media really can chop down your relevancy and in seconds you could be forgotten. It’s excellent to push people in the right direction and remind them but at base level, its fluff compared to what your company really means. Don’t expect to receive amazing leverage in your revenue simply by monitoring a careful social media strategy. It’s important but makes up only one part of your marketing.
Professional Anxiety
It’s impossible to not compare your brand to others in this environment. Please try and remember that this only one part of everyone’s marketing strategy (not just yours) and is not an accurate representation of very much in brick and mortar. If you think about it, it’s almost a nightmare recipe for pushing insecurities into the forefront as social media marketing is really an amalgamation of advertising and commerce in a social sphere. It is highly unnatural and competitive.
Fickle Following
Social networking sites are commandeered at spreading the word, sharing the news and doing so to the masses at a lighting speed. Wonderful in some ways if it’s the kind of information you want to get around. Disastrous if it isn’t. The world of social media is all made up of smoke and mirrors and show people the best and brightest sides to their identities. Saying a balance of reality exists in social media is rather farfetched and to be honest; no one is just human when they’re playing the social media game. You’re almost expected to resonate success and do the right thing all the time and if you’re outstanding among the masses you may find yourself retweeted or Liked. However, mistakes are amplified on social networks and it’s very difficult to appeal to a sensitive side of an audience you realise you don’t actually know. Loyalty and trust are the main goals when building relationships on social sites.
Your life on(the)line
It’s a modern inexplicable obsession of the human race but social media seems to take control of lives and soon enough, emotions. Spending too much thought and time on social media will lead to you neglecting other crucial areas of your business and could warp your perspective of what is really happening. A negative response or some criticism on your brand’s social network should never affect you as a person emotionally. Letting your business’s online avatar breach the border and into your life is totally unnecessary and unhealthy. Keep your focus on the bigger picture.